YAK Pro - mysql to mysqli converter

YAK Pro - mysql to mysqli converter

YAK Pro stands for Yet Another Killer Product.

Free, Open Source, Published under the MIT License,
YAK Pro - mysql to mysqli converter is available on GitHub!


This tool parses php using PHP-Parser,

The yakpro-mtm.cnf self-documented file contains the configuration options!
Take a look at it!


Why a mysql to mysqli converter?

Legacy php access to MySql was made using the mysql extension interface.
The mysql extension is deprecated as of PHP 5.5.0, but many legacy php programs still use mysql.
The coming php 7 will completely remove the mysql extension, which is a backward compatibility break!

There are a few alternatives for people wanting to port their php scripts on php 7.

  1. Rewrite their software with PDO, which is a database abstraction layer. The programming logic is not the same, it requires a lot of work.
  2. Rewrite their software with mysqli, which have 2 interfaces styles:
    • an object oriented one.
    • a procedural one, very simalar to the legacy mysql one, but with few changes like parameter order inversion, and new required parameters.

This converter, converts mysql to mysqli using the procedural form.
It is best suited for people that do not plan a full rewrite of their old software involving a logic change, but who want to port their software to mysqli at lower cost, minimizing the changes to do.

YAK Pro - mysql to mysqli converter Main Features:

  • If your software uses always the same "link" parameter, you can specify it.
  • Recursivly converts a project's directory.
  • Makefile like, timestamps based mechanism, to re-convert only files that were changed since last convert.


yakpro rulez!

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